Welcome to Creative Journeys in Nature


My Vision


To introduce people to a way of being in relationship to the more than human world and each other.

  • That fosters respect, love and awe
  • That benefits them mentally, spiritually and physically.
  • That helps protect and promote the importance our wild and wooded areas.
  • That helps protect and preserve our parks, rivers, seas and lakes.

I aim to do this by offering invitations which..

  • inspire playfulness and creativity.
  • are accessible to all levels of fitness.
  • help you find ways to release stress and anxiety
  • help you to slow down and be in the moment, effortlessly.
  • introduce you to local woods and green spaces.
  • bring people together, counteracting social isolation.
  • are accessible to all generations and abilities.
  • you can share with family, friends and people you meet.
  • help you authentically develop a deep connection to your natural home.


What i Offer

  • Creative Mentoring
  • Creative Celebrant
  • Creative Journeys With Ephemeral Art
  • Wanders For Wellbeing - Shinrin-yoku & forest therapy
  • Creative Journeys with weaving
  • Bent stick furniture
  • Coming home
  • One to one – deep nature immersion and creative mentoring sessions.
  • Private – A unique way to celebrate an occasion with friends & family.
  • Corporate – To counter burn out from stress and to inspire creativity and problem solving ability. 5% of each session charge goes to support local charity of your choice.
  • Public – regular wanders throughout the seasons. pick up a four seasons pass.
  • Immersive courses for wellness and recovery from illness / surgery – 7 walks in 7 weeks




Creative Journeys in Nature

  • Activities at 10% discount

  • creativejourneys.org.uk

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