Fitness for Everybody


We have created a non-intimidating environment where men and women of all ages improve their health through a varied mix of fitness classes and highly focused Personal Training. We are a small family-run business so we know you individually and treat you like a friend.


A Range of Classes to Suit You


We only do classes, so we do them very well. Our extensive range of classes cover every element of your fitness from Cardio to Strength, Speed and Stamina, including Suppleness and Stability. Examples include Pilates, Indoor Group Cycling (aka “Spinning”), Core Toning, All-Body Conditioning, Bodysculpt, Power Pilates, Circuit Training and many others. You can choose classes to be as easy or as challenging as you want. We train people from 16 to 86, from complete novices to elite athletes.


A Non-Traditional Gym


The ‘traditional gym’ model (i.e. treadmills, weights machines, etc.) works very badly for the vast majority of us; only 8% of the UK population regularly attends a gym. The reason people stop going is because gyms are boring. Exercising alone, on a machine, means you need to motivate yourself – this can be very hard to do, and all too soon terminal boredom sets in. That’s why 75% of people who join traditional gyms stop attending within 12 weeks. At The Fitness Factory our instructors keep you motivated and entertained, so you will want to come back regularly.

The Fitness Factory

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